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   As everyone must be aware of the environment problem the entire world is facing today. A lot of brain stroming is going to find out most feasible solution to mitigate the adverse effect of climate.  Hyundai Kona has been launched with this issue in mind.               Vehicle pollution is also one of cause of the environment problems that we are facing .so the most apt and feasible solution could be to introduce electric vehicles.Hyundai Motors has the taken the lead, which has come up with a new electric model of the car i.e Hyundai kona.

Hyundai Kona:

Hyundai kona is going to be first fully electric car built and sold in india.


Price of the electric SUV would be around ₹25 lakhs ownwards.


Dimensions                   4180mm*1800mmw*1570mmh*

Range                              452km battery only

Horsepower                    100kw

Battery                             39.2kwh 327v lithium polymer

Transmission                   1 speed automatic

Warranty                          3 years/unlimited kms

Fuel type                           Electric

Seating capacity                5 persons

      Apart from being environment friendly it has been designed with lots of features.

Safety Features :

  • Hyundai kona boasts of its anti-lock brakes feature, which can sense when tyre’s rotation is stopped under brakes pressure and it loses the pressure to let the tyre rotate. So the with anti-lock brakes system,let the vehicle rotate while using brakes.
  • It also has stability control feature that can automatically sense when vehicle handling limit has exceeded, it can apply brakes automatically and will reduce engine power so that driver doesn’t lose the control on the vehicle.
  • The most important safety feature is its front impact airbags that protect driver and passengers head at the time of frontal crash.
  • Apart from front impact airbags, side impact airbags are also provide for front seats to protect the torso at the time of a side collection.
  • Overhead airbags are used to protect the occupant’s head if there is any side  collision or rollover.
  • Front,side-impact and overhead airbags are designed to ensure complete safety of driver and passengers.
  • Seat belts are designed differently to provide extra safety in case of any collision.
  • Seat belt pretensioners automatically tighten the seatbelt and put driver driver and passenger in a proper position to minimize injuries in case of collision.
  • Hyundai kona has been fitted with a security featurethat can anticipate unwanted vehicle intrusion.
  • It also has a virtual sound system to warn pedestrian of the silent EV, that ensure minimum causalities. It has also been fitted with a type monitoring system too.
  • The Hyundai kona is a 5 star SUV with fascinating features. Amazing interiors headrests for all passengers, front central armrest with storage. Seat folding rear seat 60:40

Hyundai kona has been launched in 5 colors:

  • Typhoon silver
  • Phantom black
  • Marine blue
  • Polar white dual tone
  • Polar white


  • Buying an electric car in India was thought of with some challenges like poor performance and ranges, inadequate charging infrastructure. These have been the reasons that electric cars market was not much developed in comparison to the
  • conventional cars.
  • But Hyundai has come a one step ahead with its kona electric SUV. It can go long distances between full charges and is also future ready when it comes to charging capabilities.
  • Hyundai Kona for India comes with a 39.2 Km/h battery, which has a range of 452 km on single range. 452 KM is ARAI certified range but its real range would be 300 km on a single charge which is still good if consider only EVs.
  • Hyundai Kona comes with a 2.8 KW portable AC charger than can plug into any 15 AMP wall socket and than battery can run of 19 Hours. You can also have a DC- fast charging installed, which speeds up thing further, battery can go from 0 to 80% in 57 Minutes.
  • Kona SUV is India’s first SUV. It has almost all safety features, good battery back-up and range but it is spacious. Still it looks unique with its faux grills which hide its charging points.
  • It is feature rich cars with all the attractive features like automotive headlight, a sun proof, heated and cooled front seats, 10 way powered driver’s seat touch screen with android auto and  apple car play, tyre pressure monitor, digital instrument cluster, head-up display, heated wing mirrors and wireless charging.
  • Keeping in view the changing climate conditions, Kona’s launch can be seen as a step in the right direction. Though it is a bit expensive for Indian market. But Government’s proposal to reduce GST on Electric Vehicles may reduce GST on electric vehicle may reduce its price by about ₹1.4 lakhs.

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